Retitled Project M7 for US release, the movie stars James Donald (Quatermass And The Pit ) as Professor Heathley, who leads a project to develop an atomic supersonic jet. Heathley sees this as the next stage before space travel. Heathley intends to pilot the test flight himself, but the project Director (Maurice Denham) insists that the jet should fly under the ground control of Alex Leon (Herbert Lom). When the Director dies under suspicious circumstances, security chief Sam Seagram (Robert Beatty) must decide if it’s an accident or enemy action.

Noel Willman and James Donald in The Net

The Net features Noel Willman (Kiss of the Vampire) as the enigmatic Bord, who has his own reasons for wanting to see the M7 fly. Directed by Anthony Asquith, the movie is based on the best-selling novel by John Pudney, whose poem For Johnny had featured prominently in Asquith’s previous film The Way To The Stars. You can read a detailed review of The Net here.